Friday, August 13, 2010


I built a booth in the middle of the woods at Latitude Festival this July. I asked people to relate the dreams they had dreamt whilst camping at the festival.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere of the festival the hundreds of dreams I heard were of course all disturbing; sleeping bags and tents enveloping and smothering their inhabitants; victims devoured by monsters climbing out of toilets ; domestic animals back home demanding attention furious at having been abandoned- that sort of thing.

The small kids' dreams were by far the most terrifying.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The set of dreams below were gathered from the people of Carrick on Shannon in county Leitrim, Ireland, where I had my year long DreamDiary installation.
They were gathered from people of all ages.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Natalia's Dream

I'm probably about five or six I guess and it's in the house that we live in and I descend into the basement and I turn a corner into this dark hole of a room. I turn on the light and there in the corner I see a ratboy. I am scared obviously as you would be seeing a ratboy. He's probably about my height. He's got a rat body and clothes on and some sort of rat - boy face conglomerated. We get to talking. My fear subsides as I realise that he lives in the basement in this dark hole room- the room that is the dark hole.
That's it. Time to wake up.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Evan's Dream

It was an old farmhouse on the outskirts of the city and basically the whole family had been brought up in this house and we never bought new houses. And the house was knocked down for a motorway and the whole family in a region of three to four years had the same recurring dream of walking down the stairs in the house - the one area that everyone had dreamt of was the entrance hall. We all went through a mourning process for the house and all the kids bawling and that. That took three years for the dream to happen. There was six kids and mother and father. All six kids had the dream, even the one in America.
In my dream I didn't go out the door just down the end of the stairs. I remember my dog was there that wasn't alive. In some of the other's dreams they came up the hallway - most came to the same spot at the door.
People said it was the friendliest house. The house was like a member of the family.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Peter's Dream

I was just walking along aimlessly down a road going nowhere in particular. It was a long road, a long street, concrete. There was cars lying in the road. It seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. I looked around - there was grass as far as you could see - no buildings - nothing - and then suddenly a car blew up. I remember seeing it fly in the air and the bonnet just flapping against the car. It was really frightening. And I walked along and another car blew up, then another one. Then suddenly I found myself in the livinig room in which I was sleeping and I got the urge to get up and to measure the room. I did - that was just the rest of the dream and I went back to sleep. When I woke up next morning I decided to measure the room again and I found I was completely wrong.

Sarah's Dream

This is a recurring dream. I am in my grandmother's kitchen, aged about ten (thirty years ago). I am being chased by a giant cat that I can't see. I have to run on the top of surfaces - for some reason I can't go on the floor. The main surface is the top of a 1950 style gas cooker - and there are lots of these in a row - coloured yellow and also white. So I am running fast so as not to burn my bare feet on the hot stove.