Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Natalia's Dream

I'm probably about five or six I guess and it's in the house that we live in and I descend into the basement and I turn a corner into this dark hole of a room. I turn on the light and there in the corner I see a ratboy. I am scared obviously as you would be seeing a ratboy. He's probably about my height. He's got a rat body and clothes on and some sort of rat - boy face conglomerated. We get to talking. My fear subsides as I realise that he lives in the basement in this dark hole room- the room that is the dark hole.
That's it. Time to wake up.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Evan's Dream

It was an old farmhouse on the outskirts of the city and basically the whole family had been brought up in this house and we never bought new houses. And the house was knocked down for a motorway and the whole family in a region of three to four years had the same recurring dream of walking down the stairs in the house - the one area that everyone had dreamt of was the entrance hall. We all went through a mourning process for the house and all the kids bawling and that. That took three years for the dream to happen. There was six kids and mother and father. All six kids had the dream, even the one in America.
In my dream I didn't go out the door just down the end of the stairs. I remember my dog was there that wasn't alive. In some of the other's dreams they came up the hallway - most came to the same spot at the door.
People said it was the friendliest house. The house was like a member of the family.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Peter's Dream

I was just walking along aimlessly down a road going nowhere in particular. It was a long road, a long street, concrete. There was cars lying in the road. It seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. I looked around - there was grass as far as you could see - no buildings - nothing - and then suddenly a car blew up. I remember seeing it fly in the air and the bonnet just flapping against the car. It was really frightening. And I walked along and another car blew up, then another one. Then suddenly I found myself in the livinig room in which I was sleeping and I got the urge to get up and to measure the room. I did - that was just the rest of the dream and I went back to sleep. When I woke up next morning I decided to measure the room again and I found I was completely wrong.

Sarah's Dream

This is a recurring dream. I am in my grandmother's kitchen, aged about ten (thirty years ago). I am being chased by a giant cat that I can't see. I have to run on the top of surfaces - for some reason I can't go on the floor. The main surface is the top of a 1950 style gas cooker - and there are lots of these in a row - coloured yellow and also white. So I am running fast so as not to burn my bare feet on the hot stove.

Margaret's Dream

I'm swimming all alone in a pool of darkness and I feel like darkness is pulling me under. I yell for help but no-one is there to hear it. I begin to see the water at eye-level and I kick and flail fighting to stay above the darkness. But the darkness won't let go of its hold on me and slowly I begin to give in to the feeling that lies below the water line. The water starts to fill my lungs - the lungs that once held so much life yet now they allow the mucky water to replace that. I knew that this path doesn't lead to happiness. But why doesn't someone grab my hand and pull me from the darkness. No-one knows I stand at the boundary between light and dark. So I give in to the thing that holds me - my heart can't save me from the water, so I slowly slip below the world consciousness unaided by the people of the world. I don't want to fight any more. I will give in to the darkness.

May's Dream

I dream nearly every night. We had a farm. We used to have great fun. We had cows and calves and all sorts of things, and we had turf. We had two cows and my mother I dreamt was milking them and I used to have a lantern and I used to hold it for her. And we'd go ceilidh at a neighbour's house after the cows were milked and there'd be card playing and doing some things... we usually said the rosary. I often think of it - every night. I can see the same things happening. I feel lonely when I wake up.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tom's Dream

I was at this dance...I would go to Feena... walk to the hall and try and get in for nothing ... it would be the fifties...a small hall...paraffin lamps...we were wild things...I've met fellas that were dead a while.

Mavilia's Dream

It was a long long time ago. I dreamt that I was walking with my sister and all of a sudden a man dressed in a white, with a white leotard , a short white cape, and a bald head and long beard took my sister into a tunnel and it was so dark. All I could hear was my sister calling me to help - "Help me, my sister, help me". But I couldn't help her because the tunnel was so dark. I could hear her but I couldn't see her. That was the dream.

The amazing thing is that after that - I can't remember how long after - that my sister went to Peru and sent me a book of this man, that he wrote a book about yoga and when I saw the face I thought that's impossible- this is that man in my dream and why was I dreaming about him? My sister became a yogi herself and used to teach in this man's school. She was a very good teacher and he didn't want her to return to Europe. He managed to kidnap her by hypnotism and she was kept a prisoner all on her own in the countryside. Eventually the police found her after two weeks. They left him in prison - he had done that before to other students.

Alice's Dream

My mother and I are returning to our house - and it's an amalgam of old photos - and we're walking up the steps and I haven't seen her in a long time and as we were walking up the steps the snow just starts falling really heavily over everywhere and we see on the steps a little morsel of food and then out of stage right darts this fisher cat grabs the morsel of food and darts off. Then we turn around and look into the woods all around us and all these little woodland animals and their babies come out and they come out onto the steps with us. There was the rabbit and rabbit babies and the badger and badger babies, chipmunk and chipmunk babies, raccoon and raccoon babies. The sense is that she's come back after having been away for a long time.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Adele's Dream

In real life I was coming to the end of a relationship and knew it wasn't right. The actual dream was there was a carriage you know an old fashioned hearse . There was a curtain each side of it so you couldn't see in. The curtain blew back and I could see in and it was empty and I knew that that meant the relationship was over. I could figure out where the image came from - you know the poem by Emily Dickinson :
Because I could not stop for Death
He kindly stopped for me
The carriage held just but ourselves
And Immortality

Angela's Dream

One of the dreams I had when I woke this morning was my youngest daughter. She is 25. She went to get her hair cut and instead of she got her hair all shaved off and she was very unhappy with it. So what they did was put it all back together and she wore it like a wig. But it didn't look like a wig. It looked good on her. It was long dark straight hair before. And she was wearing clothes she wouldn't normally have worn - trousers with a pink blouse with stripes instead of her track suit. She looked really pretty.
The dream was that she is discovering more about herself than she thinks she is. And I think I was letting her go, separating : I didn't have to sort out her hair. She's moving out and I'm comfortable with that.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Terry's Dream

I am always lost in dreams. I am in different places, looking for somebody. I never know who I am looking for. I would be walking down streets I don't know, but I couldn't tell you who I'm looking for. Up and down streets. In and out of buildings, never recognising buildings, just constantly searching. Big buildings, a modern city. There are never loads of people. Just big buildings , big streets, narrow streets. I'm running around a building. You're always looking for someone. No people. Maybe it's dark. In the dark you are confused- you can't see anything familiar.

Conor's Dream

I dreamed that all of my family and friends died and that nobody knew me. I was all alone in the house in my mum and dad's room - I could see their wedding ring on the bed. Later I was walking down the town and everyone was looking at me very strangely because they knew.

Adrian's Dream

Some person from a lucky charm store gave me some stones. I was this man trying to destroy five demons. The first monster was a big fire monster - it had veins and muscles - the rest of it was just fire - it was burning , embers were coming out of it. It started to destroy this terraced house, then it just looked at me and started walking towards me. I held up one of the stones - it was blue with strange markings. The monster started coming towards me slowly and then when it was quite close to me I threw the stone at it and it stopped and started turning into ice.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rebeccah's Dream

I think it was a normal dream. The only thing that stood out was that I was just sitting down and looking at my arm and I think it must have been a particularly long hair that caught my attention. I decided to investigate. So I pulled the hair rather slowly and gently. As I pulled it a human ear started to emerge out of my arm. It wasn't as if it was an open wound - it just gracefully came out of my arm and dangled on a hair. It didn't leave a wound. There was no wound. My arm was totally normal.
A few weeks later maybe coincidentally I was away on holiday and for the first time ever I had an ear infection. It made me more conscious of my ears in a quite disturbing way. It was a very distressing dream.

Stephen's Dream

In the dream I've ended up in what seems like a secure area- it looks like an airport. I'm there just wandering around innocently. No-one seems to give me any notice. Suddenly there is some sort of security alert and then I start to realise that if I'm caught I'll be in a lot of trouble and I'm exactly the sort of person they want, are looking for. There are people running around in suits with guns. I got in through innocent wandering - a door happened to be open - I end up being in here and I sort of get out the same way or do I? Because in a sense I can't really go up to one of the people with guns and say, hey look, I just wandered in - they would never believe me and it would make them look very bad like their security wasn't very good and so that's why I'm hiding and I eventually make my way through different things.
I meet a security guard in the toilet and I sort of talk my way out of it. I think- God , how stupid are they?
But eventually I see an open door and the security guard is waiting there with a gun and again he seems to momentarily wander, turn his back and I've got another perfect opportunity to escape and I take it and just before I wake up or come out of it- in the doorway I have this dreadful feeling he's going to turn round and shoot me so I'm just at that point of escaping, just by this big open door and I see my mother and some other woman who I don't recognise and they're both dressed in white! And they just wave to me. They're in this "Freedom" and my mum doesn't realise that I could be shot at any moment if this security guard turns around. So that's the moment I wake up.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Frank's Dream

I used to be a farmer but with my illness I haven't worked for twenty years. This town used to have a good cattle fair - every 22nd of November - this was the leading fair. I was dreaming last night I was at this fair. I had four black cattle to sell and had white paint on the tip of their tails so I could identify them as mine. Somebody came up to me and I was talking to them and I didn't even think of the cattle as they were talking to me. So I looked round and I couldn't see my cattle. They were gone - lost - everyone else's cattle was there and nobody saw them. So I woke up looking for my cattle.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Lauretta's Dream

A recurring dream is that I am high in the sky on a long thin pole - something like a brush handle. There is nothing around except blue sky and the pole is not attached to anything. I am merely suspended in space. I do not know how I climbed up (but I know I did) for there are no footholes, no mountains. It's beautiful - open skies, clouds, and birds, but I begin to panic about getting down again. This takes up a lot of the dream - being anxious - yet somehow I do reach terra firma - but it frightens me into waking up.

Orla's Dream

It was at my aunt and uncle's house. Instead of the normal front garden it was a maze. My cousin was a baby at the time. He ran into the maze. I went to run after him but he had gone round a corner in the maze. I ran around the corner but he had turned into a lamb and then he ran around another corner - he had turned into a wolf. At which stage I was very frightened and so I woke up.
I was about seven when I had this dream.

Shane's Dream

Well I had this dream a couple of times. I'm walking down this dark country lane and there is somebody following me and just as I turn around to look who it is I wake up. That's it.

Sharon's Dream

This is a recurring dream and the first time I had it was just after my dad's death. We are in a hospital and my dad was there and the rest of my family and my two neighbours were there. One neighbour was looking over my shoulder telling me it was my own fault and saying that if I only took off the work boots when I was told - like something I always did when he came in from work - that he'd still be alive. Then I was told to take them off but I didn't want to so I woke up.
The last time I had it recently was that I actually went to take them off. And the same thing - everything's all the same - bar the fact that I actually want to take them off but I didn't want to live with the consequences of what the dream could bring.

Rowan's Dream

Well when I was about four or five I used to have this dream. It was where I hear knocking at the door and I go out near the door but as I get to the door somebody would open the door and this massive big clown would kinda walk in - completely rounded off - no squares or anything - and he'd go, "Ho ho ho!" Then I couldn't talk at all and he'd start eating me cos I couldn't move at all and eventually like I would go, "Hurry up , will ya?" Then I would like hear my heart and I would wake up.

Fionna's Dream

We are at a funeral mass and everyone is sitting in rows of seats looking up to the altar, and the priest is standing behind the altar. Next to him is a woman wearing one of those tourist leprechaun hats (a tall one with a shamrock on it) and she's smiling.
I think the dream is about the woman who has finally got up behind the altar.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Liz's Dream

This dream is from a long time ago when I was a girl. I used to jump - in real life, not in the dream, you understand - the set of five stairs at the time and I used to enjoy it. I must have been ten or twelve that kind of age. But in my dream I jump in the same way but I never reach the ground. I stay in a floating state and sometimes it's quite pleasant and some other times it's quite the opposite of that - it's quite distressing - you know - you want to reach the ground. What I find strange is that it was a repeated dream.

Thomas's Dream

It was a dream of flying more like floating. It was a perspective of being up high in the treetops, but mostly down low floating above people, cars, buildings etc. The thing about the dream was that I had an in-feeling as if I was Superman. The main thing I took from the dream was that I had to believe I could fly when I took that step and jump or else I would fall. But I haven't fell yet! This is a recurring dream.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Robert's Dream

I'm a huge dog lover. I would have known about twelve dogs. I've always had to bury them. In the dream I would go to the grave - they would sometimes be buried, sometimes they'd have a slab over them and either I reluctantly pull back the slab or it's been broken or something like that and basically they usually reemerge from the grave semi-decomposed and even if they are semi-decomposed they would act normal and I would be with them for a few days. At the end of the dream they would go back into the grave and they would seem to sleep again or whatever. It's a very comforting dream. A sense of well-being about the dream.
I've dreamt about each of the dogs I've known and in the dreams their personalities and behaviours are still intact. This is a very old repeating dream - goes back to 1981.

Karen's Dream

I was staying at a friend's house . Well, let's see, I was holding a very large baby and her name was Agnes ("Agnus Dei" - lamb of God - child of God). She was about three years old and was like a live mannequin. Then a large green glass bowl shattered and blue and green glass embedded itself in everything that was around like the carpets on the walls and everything and I looked at the baby and saw that a few bits were embedded in her skin and I called to my companion Jack, "Come here and help me get the glass out of Agnes."
I think this was a dream of hope - it wasn't threatening. The child was maybe our love that we are going to look after together.

Amie's Dream

When I went to bed I had another dream in my dream that I was a lion and then everybody was running out because I broke out of my cage and everybody was running and screaming and then I went chasing all my enemies and I was killing them. Then I came home and my mum and dad were at home and they didn't know who it was so they started hitting me with a brush trying to get it out of the door. They called Animal Control and then I got taken away and put back into the zoo and then I fell back asleep and then I woke up and then I woke up again.