Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stephen's Dream

In the dream I've ended up in what seems like a secure area- it looks like an airport. I'm there just wandering around innocently. No-one seems to give me any notice. Suddenly there is some sort of security alert and then I start to realise that if I'm caught I'll be in a lot of trouble and I'm exactly the sort of person they want, are looking for. There are people running around in suits with guns. I got in through innocent wandering - a door happened to be open - I end up being in here and I sort of get out the same way or do I? Because in a sense I can't really go up to one of the people with guns and say, hey look, I just wandered in - they would never believe me and it would make them look very bad like their security wasn't very good and so that's why I'm hiding and I eventually make my way through different things.
I meet a security guard in the toilet and I sort of talk my way out of it. I think- God , how stupid are they?
But eventually I see an open door and the security guard is waiting there with a gun and again he seems to momentarily wander, turn his back and I've got another perfect opportunity to escape and I take it and just before I wake up or come out of it- in the doorway I have this dreadful feeling he's going to turn round and shoot me so I'm just at that point of escaping, just by this big open door and I see my mother and some other woman who I don't recognise and they're both dressed in white! And they just wave to me. They're in this "Freedom" and my mum doesn't realise that I could be shot at any moment if this security guard turns around. So that's the moment I wake up.

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