Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mavilia's Dream

It was a long long time ago. I dreamt that I was walking with my sister and all of a sudden a man dressed in a white, with a white leotard , a short white cape, and a bald head and long beard took my sister into a tunnel and it was so dark. All I could hear was my sister calling me to help - "Help me, my sister, help me". But I couldn't help her because the tunnel was so dark. I could hear her but I couldn't see her. That was the dream.

The amazing thing is that after that - I can't remember how long after - that my sister went to Peru and sent me a book of this man, that he wrote a book about yoga and when I saw the face I thought that's impossible- this is that man in my dream and why was I dreaming about him? My sister became a yogi herself and used to teach in this man's school. She was a very good teacher and he didn't want her to return to Europe. He managed to kidnap her by hypnotism and she was kept a prisoner all on her own in the countryside. Eventually the police found her after two weeks. They left him in prison - he had done that before to other students.

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