Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tom's Dream

I was at this dance...I would go to Feena... walk to the hall and try and get in for nothing ... it would be the fifties...a small hall...paraffin lamps...we were wild things...I've met fellas that were dead a while.

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Lily said...

What an amazing concept. I love your blog and the consistency of your posts. Dreams are such strange creatures.

Lily's dream

I am surrounded by blue people holding cups, the normal glass cups people use to drink. They move aimlessly around the place, looking for a person from whom they can fill their cup. Finally they do find someone and they rush toward him, holding their cups, clamouring for light. The person holds a cup full of light which spills out into the air around him. They crowd around him and I try to shout "You have light in your own cups already!" but they don't hear me.